A Glowing light in the Pacific for Crypto Entrepreneurs, the free trade zone and crypto friendly jurisdiction of Santo, located in the tax Haven of Vanuatu, is set to soar and become a hub for technology and investment. The SIC-foundation is raising money to purchase land plots to build and develop with the community together.


Have your voice, vote and ideas heard on how the development of our satoshi island land should be carried out. Shares in the SIC-Fund will be represented by ERC1155 Tokens. Choose how you want to grow your land value, build new projects tied to real world use-case, and earn a great income out of it.


90% of ALL profits the CoOperatives assets generate will be shared with the NFT holders, this includes income from the leasing of developed properties, royalties from market sales, sales of the SIC-Fund asset and any income from additional future revenue streams created by the CoOp.


Get the most out of your membership to build your dream property.


2 x SIC-NFTs

  • 1X Governance Voting Power
  • Maintaining 2x SIC-NFTs in your wallet, will Unlock the SIC-Governance Channel in Discord
  • SIC-Governance will be made up of A group of like minded Degens working together to plan out the future of our slice of the island


0.3 ETH


5 x SIC-NFTs

  • 3x Governance Voting Power
  • Maintaining 5x SIC-NFTs in your wallet, will Unlock the SIC-Governance Channel in Discord.
  • SIC-Governance will be made up of A group of like minded Degens working together to plan out the future of our slice of the island.


0.75 ETH


15 x SIC-NFTs

  • 6x Governance Voting Power
  • Maintaining 15x SIC-NFTs in your wallet, will Unlock the SIC-Governance Channel in Discord, A group of like minded Degens working together to plan out the future of our slice of the island.
  • Discounts on Short stays
  • Discord Role “SIC-Chad"


2.25 ETH

Special Offerlist


  • 10x Governance Voting Power For Discord
  • Discounts on Short stays
  • Discounts on Island Services
  • Access To "POWER-BACKER" Discord Channel for "POWER-BACKER" NFT holders.
  • "POWER-BACKER"s can “buy out” the SIC-FUNDS Satoshi-Island land/Developments directly from the SIC-Foundation at 10% Discount.
  • "POWER-BACKER" Discord role


4.5 ETH


Purchasing 30xSIC-NFTs will Grant you a LIMITED EDITION POWER-BACKER NFT

(Air-dropped to you after the Public sale has finished). POWER-BACKERS are Special members with SIC-BENEFITS.


Will grant you the ability to buy out the underlying land/Completed developments DIRECTLY from the SIC-Foundation at A *10% Discount under Satoshi-Island land - Marketplace floor price when “Asset Liquidation Events” occur.


Will receive discounts on property maintenance/management costs and other services the Satoshi Island CoOp offer on the Island to land holders.


Discord Role

Future Utility and PERKS

Will be added for POWER BACKERS as we expand out our operation, POWER BACKERS will be at the forefront.


Invest, Build, and Earn

The perfect place for you to build an island from scratch and see your investments shape up the island's economy.


Invest and build with Like minded entrepreneurs!

The free trade zone of Santos, located in the Tax haven of Vanuatu is expected to attract a new wave of investment over the next 5 years. Many Real estate forecasters are expecting a Boom in property located in this special area.


Share Profits by creating something Spectacular!

90% of ALL Profits Generated will be shared with CoOperative members. 5% will be used to fund the “SIC-Treasury”. The treasury will be used to furnish our developments, add any required details to the property, and/or buy additional assets for the island.


ENDLESS Opportunity to Create.

The SIC-Fund backed with the immense brain power of the SIC-Community will venture to create additional revenue streams to share with the CoOp. This includes “Serviced Apartments, Lawn/Garden care, Property management, Marketing, Taxi Boats, Private Security etc.


Employ local Workers.

Many Opportunities will be had to employ local workers to become a part of the SIC-Team. Together we can build out a paradise to pay and earn in crypto. We look forward to working with and building out a Citadel inside the Pacific together!


Why Invest in SIC-Fund Island development?

Satoshi Island (Locally known as Lataro) is a 30-Million Square foot private Island located in Northern-Vanuatu in the special economic zone of Santo.

Permission has been granted by the Treasury and Government of Vanuatu to turn this island into a haven for crypto entrepreneurs. This will represent the evolution of tokenisation & the first project in the world where a whole island society has been tokenised!

Everything from the Land, Citizenship to the island and Modules (Used for Building) will be represented as NFTs. The entire island has been scanned and is being built out into a 1:1 scale into a digital world. This will allow NFT investors to Explore, purchase, develop, lease or sell their island developments without ever stepping foot on the island. Satoshi Island is Almost like an Island Building game, but the game is backed by the real world developments where your digital actions come to life.

Ownership of the physical land will be a contract between the NFT holder and SatoshiIsland-LTD, However the land title can be transferred into the name of the NFT holder through an application process with Satoshi Island and the Vanuatu Land registration Bureau. The land title holder will then become liable for paying associated property fees.

Together we will buy and develop as many Land plots as we can.


Something for everyone

Satoshi island is developing to become a hub for Entrepreneurship and Crypto Events. We want to empower the people to shape up the entire island and grow its economy and in turn, grow their own investments.



No income tax, no capital gains tax, simple citizenship by investment programs (Payable in Bitcoin).


Crypto Projects/Teams

Surround yourself with other world class crypto entrepreneurs to network and build the future together!


Solo Entrepreneurs

A Hub for innovators, Opportunities to collaborate and put your skills to work and build will be endless!


Holiday Goers

A tropical destination, with the most amazing reefs for diving, Satoshi-Island will offer world class facilities.

Our Team

Built by the best minds in the crypto world.


Justin Davies

Founder / Co-signer

Tristan Hazlewood

Business Head / Co-signer

Jono Wood

Business Development / Co-signer

Jarryd Lang

Chief Videographer